Science Saturday: Whirlpools Are Like West Side Story Knife Fights

            Look up whirlpool on Wikipedia and, for some strange reason, the dangers of this watery vortex are the most discussed topic. The article is quick to point out that us “laymen” (read as: dummies) tend to think of whirlpools as vast hidden black holes somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, eating […]

Firefly Camp: I Am Contractually Obligated To Continue Science Saturday For IBDIND, Inc.

            IBDIND, Inc. has been trying to get hold of me for the past 12 hours in effort to see if I had finished my Science Saturday piece. Well here it is boys and girls, long overdue. But know this: you won’t have Eric to kick around anymore when I am […]

The Virus–A Lonesome Traveler Looking To Multiply

There has been a lot of talk this week about the flu and flu season. In some parts of the country, flu vaccines are running low—but fear not because we are not short of supply nationwide. A virus causes the flu, or influenza. Epidemiologists labeled the virus subtype this year H3N2. But should we be […]