At Sunset Theater

Most of my day working at the theater is spent referentially. We are quoting movies, impersonating actors, improvising new lines. Then we hit a bump: someone hasn’t seen this movie, or doesn’t remember that one pivotal scene (pivotal for that person anyway). There is indignation from one or a few of us. We move on […]


With Me and My Beard

Since 2011, a barbershop called Modern Man has started to dot the Portland landscape. Their five locations look, on the map, like a wide-armed star with points at Portland hippest parts of town. The Modern Man caters especially to beards, variable as they are in this city. Indeed, it is their special pride to serve […]

Mandatory Reading: Moby-Dick

So lately I’ve been reading a lot of books considered classics and watching a lot of movies and TV shows that have been thoroughly watched and picked apart. Acknowledging that these products of our culture have been reviewed again and again–and also acknowledging the review themselves–I’ve decided to give them yet another review. In the […]

Burnt Kabob by Rumi

Sufism is the mystical branch of Islam. Its most well-known poet is Rumi, born in 13th century Afghanistan before he fled the Mongol armies for Turkey. Rumi helped popular Sufism, which many Muslims something of a bastard child to the religion at large. Sufis believe God resides in all of us. Here is a poem by […]

Seven Hidden Waterfalls Revealed (The Fourth of July)

            The inexperienced hiker—and trepid reporter—stops before a sign that says “Salmon Huckleberry Wilderness”. (It is not his intention to cover Salmon River Trail #742 on Independence Day. Yet he feels compelled to write anyway.) A pass is required beyond this small station. One must fill out a wilderness use permit, […]