Your Skin is Like a Leaky A/C Unit

Sweat is a very curious liquid. Chemically, the salty mix is composed of about a quarter of the periodic table, including sodium, zinc, copper, lead, magnesium, etc. The special privilege of sweating was passed down the evolutionary tree only among animals with sweat glands—that is to say, mammals. Sweat in humans is caused by a […]

Have You Ever Had A Russian Beard, Devushka?

Okay, so I’ve had a lot of topics requested for my first Science Saturday, but by far the majority of you, fair readers, want to learn more about duck penises. Well, here I am to explain the complex biology of one of nature’s most intriguing anatomies. The promiscuous male Lake Ducks are the envy of […]

Yoga Repost

My blog seems to attract a lot of hits because of my Yoga article. Well, the reading public will be happy to know that I purchased a $20 groupon coupon (redundant?) for 20 Bikram Yoga lessons in southeast Portland. Unfortunately, this groupon coupon has made me realize that I would buy nearly anything at the […]