Hiller Goodspeed, Erin Marranca and I are taking topics weekly (week 1 topic: yesterday) and giving them the attention they need: a 3-page spread in our new zine, Ponderlings. Each week we’re going to make about 20 copies in Portland and Vancouver, BC and display them–prominently and hopefully with large cardboard cut-outs of the three […]

Travelling to the ‘B’ Section

There is a book store in Portland that I frequent with almost alarming frequency. I’m comforted by the fact (or delusion?) that most Portlandians share my obsession with Powell’s. Honestly, I think I know Powell’s three floors, plus that split level that opens onto Couch (pronounced ‘Cooch’…really!) and the coffee shop west of the sci-fi […]

A collection of images and thoughts on the margins

Here are some things I wrote down in my notebook last night–over a beer–and I wanted to share them, for better or worse: Bloating Shapes: post-post-modern techniques for drawing (here I drew a triangle and a square with rounded sides; think triangle/square exploded from inside) She treated him like rain on a rain slicker Birds- […]