The Chemist’s Dream

In 1890, the German chemist Friedrich Kekulé woke up from a dream. After spending a few decades trying to figure out the chemical structure of benzene, the dream had revealed the secret. What he saw was a kinky green snake with the masochistic idea to eat its own tail. Whether the self-destruction of such a […]

The Golden Ratio

Alright, it’s time for another Science Sunday. I mean Saturday. Did I say Sunday? Oops. Well the topic this week is the Golden Ratio. Sounds boring and mathematical. It is. But the Golden Ratio has implications at the smallest levels of the universe and (you guessed it!) the largest levels—assuming the universe is the scary, […]

Have You Ever Had A Russian Beard, Devushka?

Okay, so I’ve had a lot of topics requested for my first Science Saturday, but by far the majority of you, fair readers, want to learn more about duck penises. Well, here I am to explain the complex biology of one of nature’s most intriguing anatomies. The promiscuous male Lake Ducks are the envy of […]