Yoga Repost

My blog seems to attract a lot of hits because of my Yoga article. Well, the reading public will be happy to know that I purchased a $20 groupon coupon (redundant?) for 20 Bikram Yoga lessons in southeast Portland. Unfortunately, this groupon coupon has made me realize that I would buy nearly anything at the right price. $8 for a pair of Ugg boots? Don’t wear ’em, but sure! $13 for 3-D glasses? Don’t have a 3-D TV but everyone needs a pair of 3-D glasses! $4 for a chance to see a sunrise? Well I can do that for free, but why not buy a groupon coupon for it!

Let’s all feel good and buy groupons. (Hint, hint. You know where to contact me, groupon.)

–It’s a Beautiful Day to Buy Shit You Probably Don’t Need


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