A collection of images and thoughts on the margins

Here are some things I wrote down in my notebook last night–over a beer–and I wanted to share them, for better or worse:

  • Bloating Shapes: post-post-modern techniques for drawing (here I drew a triangle and a square with rounded sides; think triangle/square exploded from inside)
  • She treated him like rain on a rain slicker
  • Birds- sentries of the sky, btu not very good ones. Normally they don’t enforce the rules. Occasionally they unleash white shits of justice.
  • Nuns at a basketball game (observation)
  • Post-geometry
  • Redemption for the word ‘ash’
  • Chrome–Copper–Nickel
  • Her boots reach high, toward the knee, an arrow at the top pointing upward…
  • Let us speak in jargon
  • ‘Like a third nut’ (overheard)
  • …the feeling that everything, every object could be smiling at you, for you. And now, the pursuit is over.——filed under happiness, pursuit of…..and so, is the pursuit over?
  • God! that ancient art of suffering, carrying some fucking water buckets on your shoulder. Building the Pyramids???
  • Well, I guess the ancient art of torture. We have modern torture now, more effective(?)
  • And his/her ________ looked like a fried tater tot
  • American writers = American metaphors and American images
  • The American Imago::Eric Imago
  • American Necropolis…too depressing?
  • American Oedipus (‘Our Mother, the country…In Mother Country’…)
  • Un-American Odyssey (cheesy…tacky)
  • …but a flat tire is just a flat tire!

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