Four Perspectives

I saw/found four perspectives today:

1) A fan that was spinning above and in front of me with a thin post of mirror down the middle that blocked the center but not the fans. In the mirror, another fan was spinning, but in the opposite direction. And the fans tried to find alignment but ended up looking like scissor blades fighting.

2) An apparition of myself in the mirrored, but blurred reflection of fan #1’s center. I appeared along with others to be floating up and away pale-but-not-quite-translucent. When I took off my glasses the apparition disappeared.

3)  (of the mind): pain is prism through we see our entire emotional self. Without it, the other emotions do not appear with the full spectrum of colors.

4) (of the body): If momentum is hurling us faster and faster towards oblivion, how can I slow down?

And lastly a word you may have heard:

Tintinnabulation- the ringing or sound of bells.


One thought on “Four Perspectives

  1. I found # 3 so very profound. and the other colors i do prefer with the full spectrum , as always profound thoughts you bring to light, and seeing the light is sure nice!

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