Burnt Kabob by Rumi

Sufism is the mystical branch of Islam. Its most well-known poet is Rumi, born in 13th century Afghanistan before he fled the Mongol armies for Turkey. Rumi helped popular Sufism, which many Muslims something of a bastard child to the religion at large. Sufis believe God resides in all of us. Here is a poem by Rumi called “Burnt Kabob”.



Last year I admired wines.
This year I am wandering inside the red world.
Last year I gazed at the fire.
This year I am burnt kabob.
Thirst drove me down to the water,
where I drank the moon’s reflection.
Now I am a lion staring up
totally lost in love with the thing itself.
Do not ask questions about longing.
Look in my face.
Soul-drunk, body-ruined, these two
sit helpless in a wrecked wagon.
Neither knows how to fix it.
And my heart, I would say it is more
like a donkey sunk in a mudhole,
strugglings and miring deeper.
But listen to me. For one moment
quit being sad. Hear blessings
dropping their blossoms
around you. God.

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